The benefits of pole dancing are endless. Unlike so many other workout regiments, this one makes people laugh…what’s better than that?

Pole dancing classes, like a bottle of wine, are best shared with a friend. If you have someone that you giggle with, they are the perfect person to convince to enrol with…Christmas present idea??

The fun aspect of pole dancing is part of what makes it so addictive, along with the results! After your very first class, you’ll know that your body was working hard for you! Over your six week session, you’ll feel yourself getting stronger, which in turn, will make you a better pole dancer. Core and upper body strength are the main things holding you back from performing the tricks you want to learn at the beginning, so be patient! You’ll be dangling before you know it.

Pole Dancing Classes at The Monocle are specifically designed to keep you interested; changing week to week while following into each class with knowledge from the previous.

Having fun while getting healthy, strong and fit, and the guaranteed silliness, is what will keep you committed to this New Year’s Resolution!

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