We know that enrolling for pole dancing can be a bit overwhelming, so, we’re here to answer any questions you may have!

Take a look below at some commonly asked questions we receive:

Q- How do I become a member?
A- You can purchase a membership online at this link.

Q- Once I’m a member, do I just show up to any class for free?
A- While you don’t have to ‘pay’ for your classes you attend, as a member you STILL HAVE TO REGISTER, as we are a small studio and want to make sure there’s a pole for everyone.

Q-How do I register for classes if I am a member?
A- When you see the class you’d like to take on our CLASSES page simply go through the steps on Eventbrite until to select “GET TICKETS”. There’s a drop-down menu with free tickets for non-members. There’s also a waiting list if the class is full!

Q- How do I register for classes if I am NOT a member?
A- The same way as a member, but instead of selecting the free ‘member’ ticket, select a “non-member” ticket and you can pay through Eventbrite.

Q- The links are asking me for a password. Why can’t I see the classes?
A- If you’ve selected any Intro, Beginner or Intermediate classes, there’s a password to ensure that you don’t accidentally register for a class you shouldn’t be in. We have pre-requisites for all of our classes OTHER THAN OUR OPEN CLASSES…anyone can take an open class.

Q- What if I have experience and I’d like to try the higher levels?
A- We are always moving girls up into higher levels, but in order to graduate up and qualify for higher levels, you must first complete the Newby Class.

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